Every once in awhile, I like to look back through the steadily-growing pile of writer’s notebooks I’ve amassed over the past five years.  Sometimes I find a good topic to revisit, other times I just remember a well-turned phrase.  I think the things I write are starting to give a glimpse into my personality.

I’ve also determined that my personality is sometimes akin to a patchwork quilt of total randomness.

I’m working my way back through a few of them this evening because I’m looking ahead toward some creative writing I want to have my students experience before I shove them out the door toward summer, and I may share some of these snippets from my books.

In no particular order:

Wearing high heels doesn’t mean you’re dressed up.  It just means you’re up.

Declaring something does not necessarily make it so. (If it did, I would totally declare myself thin and wealthy!)

Some days I need to work harder at not letting yesterday hang in the air of today like the lingering scent of scorched popcorn.

How can I teach my kids (or my students) that it is important to push through frustration and find satisfaction in the struggle?

Awesome words I’ve heard lately and need to use more in writing: sass, subtext, discordant, intentionality, gregarious

I wasn’t surprised that technology addiction would be a bigger issue in high school than in middle, but I didn’t expect it to be a tsunami that would drown me and destroy futures.

If fear is going to be your word of the day, you’d darn well better hope someone else’s turns out to be compassion. (I think I copied that from dialogue in something, but I failed to credit it.)

Is responsibility ever really given, or is it actually only ever taken?

Which is worse– never sticking with anything or never changing?

They have no one to help them understand that which cannot be understood.

Why do people take their dogs with them so many places just to leave the in the car?

I wonder how often zoo animals actually escape– or at least partially escape– their enclosures.  (The day I wrote this, an orangutan escaped its exhibit at a nearby zoo while patrons were in the park.  We had visited earlier that week.)

Sometimes writing is like opening a glorious gift.  Other times, it’s like doing squats all hour in PE.