I think this has been the face of most people I have encountered today. From my family to the strangers at the grocery store, it seemed like the world was in a funk!

The thing is, I woke up in an okay mood, but after wading through the quicksand of other people’s attitude problems, I turned a little grumpy myself.

My blessings are as numerous as blades of grass.  I have had no reason to walk around in a huff all day!

It’s time to list some of those blessings!

  • I have a job I love!
  • I have great neighbors.
  • My house is messy because I have been too sick to do anything lately, but that means I have more than I need.  Plus, I am getting incrementally better.
  • I have some very encouraging friends.
  • My kids are both healthy.
  • I have a gigantic pile of books I can read.
  • I love my new-to-me car!
  • We have a mini-vacation planned.
  • I relaxed and watched mindless TV for two whole hours today!
  • The conversation I was nervous about went okay for the most part. Life doesn’t always have to go exactly the way I script it in my head. That’s okay!
  • It’s the weekend, and I got SLEEP!
  • I have finished my year of participation in the FDA trial eye surgery follow up, and all is well.
  • Quilts from my grandma
  • My grandpa’s wisdom lingers.
  • Blessings from my in-laws
  • So, so many more!!!