We are currently under a tornado watch, and I am lying in bed, swallowing a book whole, listening to intermittent thunder roll across the city. I hear the distant blare of a freight train whistle about a mile away, making itself known just under the thunder. Sometimes quiet whispers of sound like that really reach out and grab my attention.

This is my last post for the Slice of Life challenge for 2017.  I have written a blog post every single day this month, and I want to end that streak with something profound. But as I read my book and listen to the nighttime storm noises, waiting for the owls that usually stop by to say something just outside my window most nights about this time, I realize that sometimes profound isn’t necessary, and sometimes questions are more important than statements or answers.

So, SOL and month of March, I leave you with some thoughts to ponder on your own.  I will whisper them out to you under the noise, because like that freight train I hear in the distance, they carry important ideas that are worthy of taking on a journey.

  • If you are currently a teacher, how do you work to make students feel confident and grow into more independent, self-sufficient learners and humans?
  • What is the best, most thought-provoking thing you have read lately?
  • What are you most proud of accomplishing this month?
  • What makes you happy? Do you spend enough time focused on those things?
  • What have you stood up for lately?
  • Sometimes after I achieve big goals in life, I find it tough to determine new ones, and I feel a bit adrift as I float through the days, waiting to discover a new direction. Goals are important! What goals do you have, large or small?
  • What do you want your legacy to be?