I’ve been binge-listening to a bunch of podcasts lately.  Some of them have been a glimpse into the dark side of humanity (*cough* S-town *cough*), while others have been professionally enriching. The friends with whom I have lunch daily jumped on the podcast bandwagon long before I did, but I am really glad they shared their conversations despite my lack of participation. Eventually I decided to see what all the fuss was about and discovered a whole new world of free learning available to me on-demand!

So far, I’ve listened to some incredibly thought-provoking conversations about the power of questioning and a series on the benefits of cultivating a growth mindset.  It was really cool that they were just sitting there waiting for me to be ready to experience them.

So many times in my career, I’ve been involved in “what if” conversations about re-imagining schools, but this new learning experience was kind-of like reading a chapter from a professional book then stepping away to process it.

It’s made me wonder– what if we had the luxury of pacing things in a really personal ways so students could experience them when they were ready rather than when a curriculum map said they should?  Yes, I know about flipped classrooms, online modules, yada yada yada.  My what-if is bigger than that.

What if someday we put on the work boots of a growth mindset and took the risk to actually radically alter our factory approach?  What if instead, we could be craftsmen specializing in individual tailoring?

My friends were ready before I was, but that’s okay.  It wasn’t a race, but in the end, I definitely won.