Today I woke up early and stumbled across this short animated video.  It’s an awesome tool to review many skills, and with state testing just around the corner, I thought it would be a fun way to address a few of the more pertinent ones.  I liked it so much I changed the day’s plans to use it right away, so I got to see it quite a few times.

As it turned out, I really needed to internalize what it had to offer.

We mainly talked about symbolism and theme.  As I modeled writing a response to some of the prompt options, I addressed how important it is to make space in your life for the things that make you happy.  I also thought a lot about creativity and the choices we make that nurture the soul.

In the non-instructional realm, it turned out to be a roller coaster of a day.  Some students made terrible choices (not class related), and I’m beyond disappointed.  I’m on pins and needles waiting for some news about two different big things professionally.  I got some exhilarating news–  My National Council of Teachers of English conference proposal was accepted, and I was invited to present next November! Right after that email arrived, I had a completely unanticipated, major let-down that chopped me off at the knees for a couple hours.

But, I am in charge of how I choose to respond to every one of those things.  I have to choose whether I’m going to be vibrant orange or let my glow fade. (See the video.)

I’ll be honest– I’m still flickering a bit.

But I’ll get there.

I choose to do so.