If you haven’t read it, you might want to read another post I recently shared.  I had a classroom intruder situation.  To say the least, it was a bad day! The post includes important suggestions about classroom safety.

That morning before school started I had a few extra minutes, so I took out a journal where I write inspirational quotes, and I copied a few onto post-its and put them on my desk.  It’s always tough to keep a consistently positive attitude as the school year ends.  I figured that at the least, it couldn’t hurt!


A few short hours later, one particular inspirational saying was apparently working in my subconscious.  Good thing!  It was exactly what I needed to remember to keep my cool as I addressed the crisis.


This morning I walked back into my room for the first time since the incident and realized I had completely forgotten about writing these notes to myself. And then– I laughed.  Isn’t it funny how sometimes life just works out that way? (Okay, to be more clear– Isn’t it cool how God sometimes puts stuff in our path in just the right way and at just the right time?)

Even though it was easily one of the worst moments of my 22 years in education, I am determined to make good come from this.  I’ll go searching for it or create it out of thin air if I have to do so!

Here are a few positives so far:

  1. Some students who needed to see adults act without physical or verbal violence in response to some serious pressure had an eyewitness view. Maybe it will make an impression on them.  I would like to think so.
  2. It has increased awareness of school safety issues in my district and among my friends in other districts.  Maybe an ounce of prevention will end up being worth a pound of cure.
  3. It’s made me re-think some priorities about how I plan to spend my time this summer.  My son is going to get a lot of attention.  He only knows the barest tip of the iceberg, but he was pretty bothered by what happened to his momma.  He’s young, but my days for summer fun when he wants to hang out with me are numbered, so I am going to take full advantage of them.
  4. It’s made me recognize how blessed I am and how ridiculous it is to get miffed about small stuff.
  5. It has made me appreciate some of the difficult times I’ve had in the past.  They were my training ground for how to appropriately respond when life was genuinely rough. I can now view them with 20/20 hindsight and find positives where I once thought there were none. Sometimes blessings come in disguise.
  6. I have a whole new appreciation for what great people comprise my administrative staff– all the way to the top.  (It seems mutual. This is my first year in the district, and I can say that if they didn’t know me before, they certainly know me now!)

I am determined to put to use another of the post-it reminders from that morning.  I am going to choose to look for rainbows rather than remember the storm.