I am a teacher.

I spend a lot of time being busy.

I have to-do lists that read like War and Peace.

I surf the rolling waves of Twitter and Facebook and Blogs and Pinterest, ride the roller coaster of emotion that boards each morning as I send my struggling student off to his own school, and travel back and forth from my cozy zone to my comfort zone to my crazy zone multiple times a day.

But, do I spend enough time putting away all my things and thinking?

I like to live in my head, but do I do good things while I’m there?

I worry.

I fret.

I simmer and stew.

I plan.

I strategize.

I need to do other things too.

I need to be less busy and more purposeful.  I need to remember the purposes behind the things that keep me busy.

That’s why I’m back for this year’s Slice of Life Challenge. It reminds me that I am more than someone who is busy.

Happy March 1st, everyone!