In one of my writer’s notebooks, I recorded a quote:

Others can stop you temporarily.  Only you can do it permanently. 

I need to let that percolate a bit.

I need to let it drip into my consciousness, seep into my pores, and drown my naysaying attitude.

A year ago, I had a really big goal.  Then, eleven months ago, a thing happened that caused me to put the goal on pause.  I left the pause button pushed in too long, and it seems to have gotten stuck.

Circumstances have changed, and I will have to take a totally different route if I want to work toward it.

But it’s still a worthy goal.

It’s still a thing worth wanting.

I needed this reminder that the path may have changed, but the goal didn’t.  I need to re-focus my eyes on the destination.

A more recent notebook of mine says:

     The tree had been planted and was growing long before Zacchaeus ever needed to climb it.

Sometimes the joy is in the journey, and the delays cause us to see sights we might otherwise miss.  There is a difference between pausing a journey and stopping a journey.  Maybe I’ve just paused so my own tree can grow to help me see things from the right perspective.