It’s been a minute or two since I was in high school gym class.  Decades, really, if I’m honest.

Those days, I attended a private, church-based school with a rigorous dress code– knee-length dresses for the girls was my normal from kindergarten through ninth grade.  Rain or shine,  blistering heat or snow up to our knees, it was what we did.

Sometime around sixth grade, pantyhose also became the norm.  They made the dress shoes easier, and it was what everyone else did.  So, I wore them.

I was thinking about this a few days ago while dressing after a long, steamy shower.  How in the world did I get dressed back up in the allotted four minutes after running in PE?

Oh, yeah– I kept the hose on during gym class.

Most of us did.

Hanes Sheer Energy pantyhose from an egg underneath blue polyester gym shorts, running lap after lap after lap to get the required mile and a half most days. Inside. Outside.  Snow. Heat.  It didn’t matter.  Just don’t get a run in the stockings while you run!

It’s silly to be thinking about it now, decades later.

Maybe remembering that running in the heat while wearing pantyhose seemed normal will help my brain grasp that things that seem weird right now can start to feel normal too.