Let it be known- I am not much of a makeup, scented lotion, or hair product aficionado. I am more of a mascara and lip gloss, vanilla or Shea, please-Lord-do-something-about-my-Hermione-do kind of girl. Despite that, I do go to Ulta occasionally.

My first foray into the land of all that… stuff… happened while I was on a quest for conditioner to help with the aforementioned frizzy hair situation. My daughter recommended a particular product, and I went in search of it.

Long story short, I am an adult with discretionary income that likely exceeds that of a teen, and I was there to buy something. I was patently, blatantly ignored by all employees, despite the fact that they talked to many other customers and to one another while I wandered around overwhelmed by the variety of products.

I didn’t look like something from the Zombie Apocalypse. I was dressed professionally and was there after work. I carried my one and only really nice purse. I wore actual makeup that day (pre-mask time), and my hair looked okay (for its normal self).

Nope. I might as well have borrowed the Invisibility Cloak.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Again. Again. Again.

It got to the point it became a joke. I sometimes went there not needing anything but simply because I was nearby and wanted to see— is today the day someone working the floor will speak to me?

I will be generous and say three times out of 20+ visits, a sales associate said words to me before I got to the cash register. I only remember one for sure, but I will go as high as three just because I am feeling nice today.

Fast forward…

I have decided to let my hair go natural gray. However, I wanted to avoid the GRAY / BROWN divide, so at Thanksgiving, the stylist I see basically bleached it, and I am now a graying blonde.

This weekend was my first foray into Ulta since the great hair color transformation. Once again, I was there for conditioner and lip balm. Having helped myself unassisted so many times, I knew where the items should be, and I didn’t expect to be there long.

At least five associates asked if they could help me find something.

Five. In one shopping trip.

I had on no makeup. I was wearing clothes I don to clean my house. I had not styled my hair.

I was simply there, a blonde instead of a brunette.

I kid you not.

It’s still COVID times, so I can’t really test out whether blondes have more fun, but they sure as heck seem to get better service!

Before. (aka Invisible Customer)
All associates on deck! Clearly this customer needs attention!