The kind of grumpy that happens when time changes and good sleep doesn’t happen… I promise to find more sunshine for a slice tomorrow!

Checking my son’s grades sends me into a tailspin of panic and telling myself horror stories about the future. I have also come to realize, I will possibly never be satisfied. It’s not that I expect them to be great– It’s just that I always want a tiny nudge more, even when things are okay. I have also come to realize people assign a lot of nonsense. Saying nothing about that can be a full-time job.

I do not buy Girl Scout Cookies. I don’t eat them in moderation. I can leave them unopened, but once they are open, they are gone in a flash. So, I don’t buy them. I could probably buy them and give them away but don’t want the temptation.

I miss my friends, but we are in very, very different places right now, and I don’t want to lose them permanently. I have decided to be okay with missing them for now so I might not miss them forever.

I carry too much in my backpack, in my purse, and in my car. Why do I even own that many pens? Seriously!

I don’t drink coffee. Not even the fancy kinds. Nope.

I need to purge my closet of things that are uncomfortable, old, and too small. I wish I could blame a growth spurt. Technically, I guess it was one…

I am a bit of a whiner. I don’t like to be hot, but I also don’t like to be cold. Maybe I am just channeling my inner Goldilocks? We will say that’s it!

I like to have long hair but don’t ever want it touching my face. My hair and I have a complicated relationship.

I was a terrible sleeper as a child. Terrible. I remember my parents and grandparents pleading with me to JUST GO TO SLEEP. I also remember one particular epic tantrum about yellow footie pajamas in which my mom took pinking shears and cut off the feet because I was so opposed to them. I can still be that way sometimes when something really, really bothers me. Unfortunately, scissors don’t solve every problem. Also unfortunately, sometimes they create other problems!

I yell at the TV. If I think someone on the news has done something dumb, I tell them so right before I leave the room. I also am quite a “back seat driver” when my husband is watching Game Show Network. Apparently, I’m very judgy.

I like carrot cake. I like fruit cake. I like oatmeal raisin cookies. My grandmas made excellent pies including: rhubarb, raisin, mincemeat, and lemon. I liked them all. I think they get a bad rap.

I like staying up way too late. I know it’s not a responsible adult thing to do, but my best reading, writing, and thinking all happen when the owls are out doing their thing around the neighborhood.

I would like to actually, really, truly write someday. I just have no idea what.