Thanks to a bunch of inclement weather days, my class is behind schedule on curriculum pacing. (We won’t talk about the pacing damage done by hybrid learning. We will just pretend it’s all on Mother Nature. That’s far less complicated.)

I cut a few texts we usually use as we develop deliberate writing skills to both write concisely and with a strong pathos appeal. However, I kept my favorite two and intend to do them full justice!

Last week, as we wrapped up the first one, I asked students to get into small groups and debrief the editorial, sharing what they thought about the writing, what was said, how it was said, the topic— anything was fair game.

They were all pretty engaged, as it is a piece that really yanks the reader’s chain, but one group was particularly feisty.

I walked past them a few times, and my last pass made me smile and choose “the deliberate ignore” as a response. See, they were on complete opposite sides of the fence about the controversy in the editorial, which was fine, but one student said, “Well, I don’t care! He was so biased in his writing that I think he’s a complete a$$***e! It’s just wrong! He emphasized stuff to the point it was almost like lying!”

When a teenager cares that much about anything class-related at 7:45 in the morning on the week of Daylight Savings Time, I can happily pretend I didn’t hear any non-school-appropriate language. 😊