Sometimes a slice / post just lands in your lap.

I was getting ready to teach my virtual fifth hour today when my phone buzzed with a text, “Hi, this is DoorDash connecting you to your Dasher for updates about your order. Your delivery is here!”

Clearly that’s a mistake. I’m at school. I didn’t order anything.

I suppose it could be a scam text, phishing for info. I get that a lot.

Not answering.

Then, RING!

The Ring doorbell jingles my phone and tells me someone is at my front door.

I check.

There is! A guy is standing there, awkwardly waiting for someone to answer the door, looking around.

Okay, not a scam, but what the heck?

He turns to leave.

I try talking through the device, “Hey! Hey! Come back!” but the Dasher was definitely dashing away. “I didn’t order anything!” I yell into my phone as I stand in an empty classroom.

Nope. Now he’s dashing down the drive.

Then I text, “Hi. I think you may have made a mistake. You just delivered to [my address], but I didn’t order anything.”

“What’s your name?”

Well, this is awkward and uncomfortable. I don’t want to give that information. What if it’s a new way of scoping out someone’s house to rob them or something?

I give my last name.

He texts back with my first name and says, “Well, it’s yours! Have a great day!”




I didn’t order anything. My account still has all the money I had left on my gift card balance. My app doesn’t show an order. My Amazon account has nothing, zip, nada. (I checked just in case there was some weird, random delivery problem and they’d called in all the backups.)


What IS it?

Then, of course, my brain shoots straight to one of my favorite lit-circle YA books to teach, Need by Joelle Charbonneau.

What if…


No one would be sending me something to kill me.

I think.

Oh, no!

I hope Asian beetles don’t like whatever he left. (We have a little infestation problem. I’ve been waging war with lemon oil and citronella and cloves.)

I’m totally dashing home at contract time today!

PS- In the next post, I’ll tell you what it was.