Yesterday I posted my tale of getting a DoorDash delivery notification in the middle of the day while I was at work. I hadn’t placed an order. It was super-confusing but was low-key fun to spend the afternoon speculating about what could have happened to cause this.

My virtual class started just as the drama unfolded, so I shared my tale as I got my screen ready a little later than normal. They were intrigued! It made for some entertaining conversation that might get them to return the day before spring break!

I called my daughter to ask her thoughts about how this might have happened. She, too, declared it strange. She’s encountered many Dashers in her job in an apartment complex office, so she would know.


I finished some afternoon meetings, forced my son to complete an assignment before we left the building, and drove home wondering what I would find.

Would it be crawling with bugs?

Would it be seeping gooey sauce?

Would I gag just collecting it to throw it away?

What if it was put there to sit all day so someone could get to know our routine and then rob our house? (Darn listening to that Master Class about thinking of story ideas!)

We turned onto our street.

The front of the house looked intact. No wildebeests sitting on the front steps, gnawing on a carcass. No swarms of bugs writhing up the front steps. No doors or windows standing open.


There, tucked behind our address sign was a small plastic bag.

I opened it to discover… a bottle of Static Guard.

A few days ago, I placed a Walmart online order, requesting things that could be used to combat the Asian beetle (orange ladybug) infestation we’re currently experiencing. I ordered other sundries until it reached the point of free shipping.

Apparently Walmart thought I was having a clingy clothing crisis and sent that one item via DoorDash.

So, it turns out the DoorDash dude was right. It was mine after all.

I don’t know what I was expecting—- but I am pretty sure that was NOT it!