What’s the most important part of a roller coaster?

Is it the height of the hills?

The speed through the twists and turns?

The blood-curdling screams?

The bone-rattling shaking?

The sensation of losing your stomach as you go up… Up… UP… DOWN!?

Is it the picture at the end, documenting the face you made just as you floated out of your seat a tiny bit?

Is it the fun or the fear?

Is it the company?

I’d argue that it is none of those things. 

I believe it is the safety bar.

Attendants come and check it because people leave them loose- wanting an extra thrill, always on the human quest for freedom.

But the safety bar is necessary.  

Hills are fun.

Speed is exhilarating.

Twists and turns make life interesting.

But the safety bar is necessary.

It doesn’t mean you won’t lift out of your seat.

It doesn’t mean you won’t push against it.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be afraid.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be hurt.

Even as you push against it with all your might, even when you think it’s too tight, it knows the ride.  

It knows what it has to do.

As your mom, I’ll be your safety bar through this un-amusing ride called high school.

I’ll do my best to keep you safe. 

I hope you enjoy the ride.