We all know a lot of stuff from 2020 and 2021 is worthy of kicking to the curb, but a there are a few things grew as roses from their fertilizer. I would like to acknowledge them and say I hope they stick around once the world stops wobbling its way through the pandemic.

1- I remember when pay at the pump became a thing. My firstborn was in a baby carrier car seat at the time, and it was one of the best things that could have happened considering I had a long commute and had to stop for gas a few times a week. Now, I feel the same way about using an app to order my groceries late at night then pulling in to park and efficiently pick them up the next afternoon. I like shopping, but that keeps me from frivolous purchases and I am less likely to forget things! Technically, this existed pre-quarantine, but it was my first experience with it, so it counts.

2- Same for ordering at restaurants. I am like a child in need of a nap when I have to wait in slow lines. I love this convenience!

3- Sonic app.—- Oh… it is dangerous. Drinks are always half price when I use it to order. Honestly, it may be too convenient, nevertheless it may be my favorite thing I learned in 2020.

4- Local businesses got a major fist bump from the community. We need to remember to continue that- forever! There are some talented, amazing people around!

5- I may never do another parent teacher conference without a mask. It’s the first time in years I didn’t get super-sick afterward! The last three, it’s taken a month to recover from those three sessions of germ exposure, and that month included my birthday. Not getting sick was glorious!!!